wordpress practising ole fashioned censorship

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    i’ve posted this issue before and contacted wordpress big wigs via the contact form and have received no response. not even an acknowledgment of receipt of my email
    my blog is probably the most politically hot blog for our country [Guyana] we receive a lot of death threats and complaints and our ‘friends’ on the other side have been known to threaten our web hosting companies et cetera
    so it came as no surprise to us one day when all, and i mean ALL our tags disappeared from wordpress
    as mentioned previously no one thought it fit to inform us if this is indeed a ‘technical problem’

    The blog I need help with is propagandapress.wordpress.com.



    I found your ticket from February which I responded. Did you receive that reply?
    Please reply back to that email if you are still having problem with tags. We will take a further look.


    naokomc I have never received any email from wordpress on this issue. please resend



    Volunteers might be able to help you with information if you’d give us the URL of your blog. Otherwise, you’re on your own.



    Ah, I found you.

    Having that picture in the top right-hand corner of your blog will almost certainly get you put into the Mature category, which indeed removes your entries from the global tag and category pages. I suggest you bring the images in your blog in line with US obscenity standards, otherwise this will continue to happen. WordPress.COM blogs are bound by US law, and thus that picture is not supposed to be posted in a blog that is open to all ages.


    this is the link to the blog http://propagandapress.wordpress.com/
    i don’t know that publishing a photo of a victim of police torture is ‘mature’ information
    this is public information no different from the photos of the torture victims of abu graib, afghanistan, uzbekistan, china or any other place on the planet where human rights violations have occurred
    is amnesty international peddling mature content? they have photos of torture victims on their site
    please send me a link to hte US law violated by that picture. i’d be curious to read it


    still no email received naokomc



    I have resent my reply regarding the tag inquiry and removed your email information from your post above.


    going offline til monday. i still have not received the email



    It’s not the torture victimness that’s the issue: underage genitalia is considered Mature information in the US or even entirely illegal, regardless of the newsworthiness. Black out the genitalia and you have a new photo that’s legal.


    @ raincoaster you’re the first person who saw that picture that i know of and mentioned anything of genatalia. that’s a non-issue or a red herring
    the boy was tortured and we show the entire photo unedited as we do when people are killed by police, involved in auto accidents, domestic violence etc.
    this image has absolutely nothing to do with sex. but i guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on that

    maybe you misunderstood me. i’ve looked at your email. our blog was the number one blog featuring prominently on wordpress global tags above all else from our country
    all and i repeat ALL tags disappeared one day from wordpress. the only thing that makes sense is that our blog was censored most likely from complaints from people who see things we rail against as ok.
    if the blog has been labeled as ‘matured’ or whatever how can we find out? and for what reason has it been categorised as such if that is the case
    thanks in advance

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