WordPress PRO bundle… is one bundle good for one blog- or more?

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    Just wondering very simply… if I have three blogs, do I have to buy three bundles? I am interested in the $99 pro bundle… but will this cover all my blogs?

    The blog I need help with is spaintogo.wordpress.com.


    You have to buy three.


    Thanks for getting back to me… I was afraid of that.
    Can I ask something else here- quite related…

    If I subscribe to the one year membership and customize my sites css etc… if the end of the year rolls around and I do not renew the fee, will all of my work and customization be lost, reverted back to the original site, or will the site remain the same, retain all my work and customizations, without the permission to make further css changes. Thanks again.


    It reverts back.

    From the CSS support page:

    What happens if I unsubscribe from my Custom Design upgrade?
    All upgrades on WordPress.com are renewed yearly. Should you choose to cancel your subscription, your custom fonts and CSS will no longer be applied to your blog. We’ll keep your last saved changes around, but if you would like them applied to your blog you will need to resubscribe.



    No, it doesn’t revert back. It freezes at your last version.


    your custom fonts and CSS will no longer be applied to your blog

    Isn’t that reverting back to what it had been, before your changes?



    That’s how I read that section. And our interpretation this is confirmed by Staff

    One small clarification, if you let the Custom Design upgrade expire, your CSS is still saved in the admin pages but it won’t show up on the front end unless the upgrade is renewed. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/custom-design-upgrade-2?replies=3#post-866286



    ah, thank you. I’ve gotten contradictory replies to that question.



    Hi there,
    Not to worry. I was also confused too until designsimply’s comment was posted and I bookmarked it.


    @timethief – thank you.

    I was so hoping based on raincoaster’s comment that I was reading it incorrectly!



    You’re welcome.


    What about SEO and ranking – does that follow if you go PRO?



    “Going pro” is a slogan. It’s meaningless marketing language that boils down to purchasing a bundle of upgrades.



    Actually, there’s a slight DECREASE in SEO when you go from a whatever.wordpress.com blog to a whatever.com one.

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