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WordPress Problems

  1. Hello, I have my own blog @ and I use WP with it. It works great, I love it however it doesn't love me. For some reason when I make posts with a video from YouTube in it sometimes it messes up and the whole page gets destroyed. Also when I try to not use the WYSIWYG editor by turning it off in the options menu, it won't turn off. It sucks because I think that editor is causing some of my problems. I've also used to post a video to my blog as well and when I try to edit that it ruins the whole page as well. This has been going on for a while now and I'm tired of it. I really need help and I want to see if I'm just not using it write or if it hates me because I have a Mac or I'm just the only one having these problems. Any help at all would be great!!!! Thanks alot, Drew©

  2. I've been having big time problems with the new editor also. For me, I can use the WYSIWYG just fine, but the CODE tab doesn't do anything, i.e. it doesn't really switch to html code. For me, things changed suddenly a couple of days ago. Until then, I had the old editor, which worked just fine. I'm Imac G5 using Netscape 7.2. Have posted here on the forum about it, and also sent a message to Support. So far, no real help here and no reply from Support. Still waiting with hope!

  3. The HTML tab on the WYSIWYG editor works for me sometimes. However, I just want to use a straight code editor. I think that would be able to eliminate some of my problems. I'm also using an iMac G5 but FireFox is my browser. I hope someone can help!

  4. @drewzer

    Your blog is not hosted here on so you will need to ask your questions at


    We are looking at your issue. We don't have many Netscape 7.2 users :)

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