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    Hello, I have my own blog @ http://www.blog.drewsharp.com and I use WP with it. It works great, I love it however it doesn’t love me. For some reason when I make posts with a video from YouTube in it sometimes it messes up and the whole page gets destroyed. Also when I try to not use the WYSIWYG editor by turning it off in the options menu, it won’t turn off. It sucks because I think that editor is causing some of my problems. I’ve also used blip.tv to post a video to my blog as well and when I try to edit that it ruins the whole page as well. This has been going on for a while now and I’m tired of it. I really need help and I want to see if I’m just not using it write or if it hates me because I have a Mac or I’m just the only one having these problems. Any help at all would be great!!!! Thanks alot, Drew¬©



    I’ve been having big time problems with the new editor also. For me, I can use the WYSIWYG just fine, but the CODE tab doesn’t do anything, i.e. it doesn’t really switch to html code. For me, things changed suddenly a couple of days ago. Until then, I had the old editor, which worked just fine. I’m Imac G5 using Netscape 7.2. Have posted here on the forum about it, and also sent a message to Support. So far, no real help here and no reply from Support. Still waiting with hope!



    The HTML tab on the WYSIWYG editor works for me sometimes. However, I just want to use a straight code editor. I think that would be able to eliminate some of my problems. I’m also using an iMac G5 but FireFox is my browser. I hope someone can help!




    Your blog is not hosted here on wordpress.com so you will need to ask your questions at http://wordpress.org/support


    We are looking at your issue. We don’t have many Netscape 7.2 users :)

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