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    Hello, folks. I’ve been going through this tutorial on integrating a WordPress backend into my website:


    My website (example.com) is structured such that when I started writing it I was not aware of WordPress. When I found out about WordPress, and its usefulness, I promptly installed it (example.com/wp). Okay, so I have my site with it’s particular layout, and then there’s the (to be) customized WordPress theme viewable by going to example.com/wp. While this is certainly better than option one in your tutorial (using PHP to send feed to root index), it does seem to create the problem of having to manage two site indexes.

    Now, for the question; do you think it would be a good idea for me to install WordPress to the root directory of my website, and just use it as a CMS? My main interest in WordPress was it’s ease of use and ability to handle blog-type posts for multiple contributors. However, after poking around its various themes for the past week, it looks like it already has decent support for most of the other things I would like to do with my site. What do you think?




    This forum is for wordpress.com hosted blogs…..not wordpress.org software downloaded and installed on a different server…..they are two different things. My answer would be to ask at the wordpress.org forums.

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