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Wordpress "Read Blogs" section links are dead

  1. soulblindministry

    The "Read Blogs" Section has all dead links. It won't allow any clicks to hyperlink... Please check it out and let me know if this is on your end or mine. Everything else works great, just not that site and I can't find out where to report to wordpress about wordpress site issues... not my blog's issue

  2. They all seem to work fine for me.

    Can you please tell us which browser (and version of) you're using?

  3. soulblindministry

    explorer 9.0.4

    Try and click on the links to the blogs. Like say you choose family as a topic. Then when you try to see the family blog posts, nothing happens at all. Or you try to add an new topic to follow, that link only lets you type in it an nothing more. I use this feature a lot and it has been down since yesterday

  4. I'd like to rule-out a browser-specific issue.

    Would you please try Chrome?

  5. soulblindministry

    The problem seems to be resolved now

  6. soulblindministry

    It's working with IE now... It may be someone else addressed the situation before you accessed it. I submitted a request yesterday, it was out yesterday and today. But now it seems to work fine.

    Thank you for trying and getting back to me

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