WordPress Reader repeating posts and other problems

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    Using Safari on my iPhone, I like to keep up with new posts in the Movies category on the WordPress Reader, liking posts and commenting and whatnot during the day when I’m not at home.

    However, a few days ago, the entire layout of the reader seems to have changed. Everything is bigger, which makes it fit awkwardly on my screen, and the only way I can tell if there are new posts is to refresh the page. It used to show a little blue box with “X new posts” written in it whenever something new was posted. The box still shows up, but only if I refresh the page first, and it refuses to show me more than 6 new posts at a time. For example, if it says, “6 new posts” but there are really 8 new posts, it will load the 6, then the blue box will immediately say “2 new posts.” That part isn’t really a problem, it’s just annoying.

    Scrolling down the page, it used to load older posts once I reached the bottom, but now it only re-loads the bottom 5-10 posts, and repeats them forever, no matter how many times I let the “Wait! There’s more” do its thing.

    That last problem also occurs when I try to use the Reader on my Macbook…in both the latest version of Firefox and Opera.

    Is there something I can do to fix these problems? I’ve tried clearing out my cache, history, cookies, etc on my iPhone. I’ve tried logging in and out several times. My blog is suffering views-wise because I’m not able to be as active in the “WordPress movie blog community”…I can’t comment on or like as many posts because I don’t know they exist (other than the ones I’m already subscribed to).

    I hope this made sense. Thanks in advance for any help.

    The blog I need help with is todayiwatchedamovie.wordpress.com.



    I’m sorry I can’t help. For the iphone wordpress app, you may need to inquire over at http://iphone.forums.wordpress.org/ I have also flagged this thread for Staff attention.

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