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WordPress READER: Too many clicks to get to the blogpost of Blogs I Follow

  1. Feedback.

    The new way Reader operates means I have to make at least a minimum of three, maybe four, clicks to get to a blogpost of the blogs I follow.

    In this process, I am downloading data and eating up my broadband allowance.

    Why, guys?

    It used to be easy to call up Reader in the Edit List mode, right-click onto the URL underneath the blog name and voila, one got to the blog itself pronto, to view and comment/like etc. any posts I found intereting. This, for me, was the easiest way to surf the WordPress Blogs I Follow. Not any more!

    How about a re-think, WordPress programmer beavers? I'd appreciate that very much as it would mean less time spent clicking onto links and more time viewing blogposts. Isn't that the name of the game? :)

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