WordPress reads domain as expired, but it was renewed

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    We own the domain name ‘www.vgcwithhats.com’ via GoDaddy. WordPress decided that this domain has expired, and is no longer mapping from this domain, despite the domain mapping (with masking) on godaddy being A-ok.

    Is WordPress just asking us to pay them to map the domain we’ve already purchased from a 3rd party?

    The blog I need help with is vgcwithhats.wordpress.com.



    Non-WordPress.com Nameservers

    Although vgcwithhats.com has been registered, it is not using WordPress.com nameservers. If your domain is mapped to a self-hosted site, then your configuration may be fine as currently set up. If you wish to host your site at WordPress.com, you will need to update your nameservers as outlined below.

    To learn about how to correctly map an existing domain, please see our documentation. https://en.support.wordpress.com/map-existing-domain/#2-ask-your-domain-provider-to-update-your-dns-settings

    If you’re not sure whether you own this domain or not, the WHOIS database record http://www.whois.net/whois/vgcwithhats.com may help you out.



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    Thanks! I went to godaddy’s chat system for help with this, and they couldn’t even point me to their own help document. Thank you very much! :)

    I have to say… I don’t understand the WordPress “Add domain” function though. My initial frustration stems from the fact that when you click on add domain in the WordPress admin, it asks:

    Already own a domain? Map this domain to use it as your site’s address.
    C$17.00 /year – Map it”

    What would paying C$17/year to WordPress do, if WordPress doesn’t need to be involved in domain mapping from 3rd party hosts?

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