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WordPress = real people working hard on problems!

  1. I’ve been experiencing similar problems to the ones that have been posted here, and have had great feedback from one of the people working on the site. I don’t know how they find the time to:

    1. work on upgrades
    2. work on bug-squashing
    3. answer queries on the forum
    4. answer individual queries,

    but somehow they do! Even with the problems, I still find WordPress incredibly easy to use, and there usually seems to be a way of working around bugs until they are fixed. I’m very new to blogging, but I’ve learned more from trying out a blog here than I have at any other blog site I’ve tried using. There’s a strong sense of support – both from members within the community and from the site administrators.

    So thank you, WordPress!(For making me feel like a person, not an arbitrary number!)

  2. Amen to that!

    The WP crew is spectacular and they have done a giant service for many folks.


    Sorry for shouting, I just think it needs said loud a few times! ;)

  4. um, it is indeed a wonderful tool which allows you to make a quality blog that no other service can match.
    However, the past 8 or 10 days have been quite nightmarish and frustrating. Really stressed me out.
    Kudos to the team.

  5. Yes thank you so much....staff at WordPress. Everything you do is much appreciated!

  6. Yes the WP team is great!

  7. @ monthliesblog
    Thanks for starting this thread.

    The WordPress team is indeed fantastic. As mentioned above, it has been a bit frustrating of late, while they were adding/updating a lot of new features. But they DO address issues quickly. - Thanks!

  8. We had some problems with the DB and with SSL and IE interaction that were causing frustration for you and preventing sleep for us. Those problems should be fixed now, and we apologize for the bad experience. This service may be free, but that doesn't mean we are excused when something breaks. Thanks for sticking with us during the rough spot.

  9. We will always stick tight with WordPress, no matter what happens. After all people do LIKE THE BEST!

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