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Wordpress redirect somewhere else?

  1. Today a few minutes ago I clicked the link WordPress forum and it redirected me to the link I was logged out and tge whole page was same as WP forum. Is there something wrong with WordPress or I've missed some new change here? (I was out of here for long.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's weird! Tagged for Staff.

  3. Where were you - URL - when you clicked on the link that sent you to the wrong place?

  4. Searching something on google, clicked link and then redirected there. Could it be a phishing page?

  5. Hi there, could you provide the original URL you clicked on so I can take a look?

  6. I just went to Googlesearching for my post here on WordPress forum. Clicked the link, "WordPress tab"
    Now I realized that the link was not referring to WordPress forum but to another website with the same content on there. Clicking the WordPress forum link (on the left top). Took to the website mentioned above.

  7. Hi there, I clicked on the search-engine result titled "Wordpress tab for Facebook page « Forums" and arrived at the forums, as expected.

    Does this happen in a different browser, like Chrome or Firefox?

  8. I've tried many browsers and seeing the same spam looking links instead of in the Google search results.
    Here are some search results for "hnsaifi"

  9. It looks like another site may just be "scraping" content from the forums.

    Here is some information about scraping:

    Just let me know if you need further help.

  10. Thanks for your quick reply and info.
    My concern is: I don't want to give them a click while searching for my posts in archives. Can't you do anything about it?

  11. If you see that a URL is not the real forum, don't click on it. :-)

    Just in case you're not aware, the best way to reach your posts is actually not by Googling them, it's by going to your profile here:

    You can also click your username at the top right of any forum page. All your forum threads are listed there.

  12. I am quite veteran, knew all this :) I don't often come to/ sign in to WordPress but I frequently need to visit my forums posts to fetch the info to help my fans on social media.
    Anyway Thanks for your time on this matter.

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