WordPress Referring To My Site? Tons Of Hits No Explanation

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    I’ve recently been getting a shit ton of traffic referred to my site from “wordpress.com” I tried searching wordpress, it doesn’t look like I’m featured anywhere, and the last couple days I’ve been getting a ton of hits, and the weird thing is the numbers aren’t adding up right.

    So yesterday it says 725 people were referred from wordpress.com, and I have 1237 total views, my highest views were on the main page: 116 second highest on a review: 115. and “Total views of posts on your blog 512”

    I hope someone can explain this to me, I’ve never received any traffic referred from WordPress.com, and I don’t know what post or page it could be referring to, or if these hits are even real.

    The blog I need help with is fuckedupgames.org.



    Likewise, I have been getting mysterious hits from WordPress.com that have been growing in number over the past few days. Thought it might be some links from other blogs at WP which I sometimes link to as well, but still a mystery.

    But when it comes to readers and clicks, it makes me happy in any case. And I think the way I have used the Structure theme can be helpful to others starting their own blogs up. www.BerkshireOnStage.com



    Me too – exact same thing. Seems like a ton of people are exeriencing this on WP, must be a glitch.




    I have been having a similar problem: referrer is WordPress.com and the hits show up in my stats, but not on my list of Top Posts and Pages or on my Clustrmaps listing. This leads me to believe that the hits are not “real,” but rather some sort of bounceback effect I can’t explain. I hope WordPress will offer an explanation for this soon.



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