wordpress replacing last post title space with   causing text to overflow

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    When I create a new post, it looks like wordpress is automatically replacing the last space in my title with  
    This affects my “recent post” layout because the title text is not wrapping like it should, it doesn’t see the space, so it simply overflows. My current fix is to simply make my title a bit longer, with more spaces, so that the text wraps on the first space, but still, has anyone found a fix for this?

    The blog I need help with is blog.stephaniejohnson.com.



    sorry, it is replacing the last space with non-breaking space


    Can you give us a direct link to that post. I’m not seeing any issue on your site main page.

    Also since you are using many large images, I suggest setting your blog pages to show fewer posts per page at settings > reading. There are still an awful lot of us out there on slower internet connections (under 1Mbps) and if I went to your site, I would not wait around for 3 minutes for it to load. I just cancelled out of loading your site at 3 minutes and it still had not finished.

    Also check your images. You should really try and keep the images you post under 75k in file size. I checked 4 of your images and they ranged from 135k to 373k which is too large for the web. Search engines take into account page loading times when determining search engine ranking and your site might not be ranked as high as it could due to image size.



    Thanks. I am actually not the one updating the content, just making the backend css updates. I will pass this info along, I hadn’t noticed, thanks.

    Regarding the issue: I fixed it by adding another work to my title “Destination: Provence, France” instead of “Destination: Provence” alone as it was adding a non-breaking space between the colon and the P. I will put it back the way it was for a little bit so you see what it’s doing.


    The non-breaking spaces in titles and such seems to be something that showed up back in wordpress 3.0 and it causes me grief as well with my client’s sites. I’m all the time having to go in and make adjustments. I’m not sure why they have done that, but it can be unpleasant.

    I’m not seeing the non-breaking space now. Sometimes if you go back in and edit the title and take out the NBSP and then hit the spacebar it will put in a normal space.

    I’ve seen this issue also in Drupal when using the same TinyMCE editor that wordpress uses, so I’m pretty sure the issue is with the editor rather than with wordpress.





    You are welcome.

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