WordPress Resolution Problem with Vista?

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    ok so i just went vista today and now my blog is all… screwed up (at least to me). the resolution is insanely small on the blog, like… i would have had to zoom out a few times when i was using xp. i figured it was my own screen resolution so ive been tinkering with it up to this point and i just cant seem to get the blog looking the same as it did before. ive also tried zooming into the page which does pretty much the same thing as adjusting my res; the size of the page grows, but the condensed problem remains. everything looks pushed together. before the switch, everything from the header down would pretty much max out my screen and i could hardly see the background at the sides. now, most of my screen is filled with the background and some of the words, the top navigation bar (my account, my dashboards, new post, etc) are no longer on the same line, and pictures and words run on longer than i can see. here are two screenshots i just took:

    this one shows how the top navi bar is all messed up. the top line only holds the my account and my dashboards options, the second on the new posts, and the third line houses the press this and blog info. it also showsthe enormous size of the background

    heres a post where the words are running off the edge of the box. i posted this a few days ago on xp with no problems but now… i dunno. sorry for makin the post a bit long, i know its not smiled upon but thanks to anyone who helps!



    Please give us a direct link to your blog. We can’t tell if it’s screwed up if we can’t look at it in our own browsers.

    That said, there are some issues with Vista: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/search.php?q=Vista



    heres the link – http://thasquare.wordpress.com/

    and thanks for the help!



    I’m stumped. It looks 100% normal in FF on Windows 98. I wish I could offer more help, but I think I’m at an endpoint. Perhaps other Vista users can chime in and let you know what they see?



    well thanks for trying anyway. i noticed that some of the problems occur on other blogs. my res is 1280×1024 (the same as it was on xp) and zooming into the webpage to 120% makes it look about the same size as it use to only the images are more pixilated.



    sorry to double post yall, im not tryin to bump it or anything, i just want to get this last bit of info in before i go to bed (its about 3:20 am here). i turned on my other computer to check out the site and another one i post at to see if there was a difference. this different computer is running xp, ie7, and is at 1280×1024 res. the sites do appear bigger on that computer than they do on this. the sites are about 1 inch longer vertically and 1 inch shorter horizontally but computer #1’s screen is 1 inch larger (go figure..). however, the problem with my site is still occuring on both. the top bar is seperated and some words are running off the border. i did notice my site being denoted as “V1.2” which i dont recall but that doesnt answer the size variation for the other site.

    im gonna post a few more pictures. btw, these pictures had to be dowgraded to 800×600 for photobucket to accept them. theyre also missing part of the right side cause i cant scroll sideways in paint… anyways, look at the bottom of the page and the headings; i see the most significant differences there.

    http://thasquare.wordpress.com/ http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b56/TheNewestBooM/blogshot1.jpg – on vista
    http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b56/TheNewestBooM/ts.jpg – on xp

    http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b56/TheNewestBooM/twg1.jpg – on vista
    http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b56/TheNewestBooM/twg.jpg – on xp

    again, sorry to double post. im tired and i wont be here for another 8 hours or so i just wanna get as much info in as possible.


    It looks more like you have a problem with the settings on your monitor or in your Control Panel or whatever they call it now in Vista. Your site looks hunkey-dorey over here.



    i just tried messin with the display settings both on the monitor itself and control panel but the problem still remains. i tried increasing the text size of the internet browser but, of course, it only made the text larger and didnt remedy the width of the blog. it also did nothing to fix the top navigation bar with its split up 3 ways look.



    Looks fine on my laptop with Vista and Firefox. Sorry not to be more help.



    alright, so i tried changing the refresh rate, the color settings, installed video card drivers, and downloaded firefox but the problem still exists… ive got no idea what the problem is. i went to a microsoft support forum and they couldnt figure out why its like this either.



    Try Opera, try Firefox
    You have to try other browsers.

    If this does not work, copy the entire screen – including all the toolbars, everything you can see – and send those images to me – (email redacted) and I’ll take a look. But do not crop, resize or change the images at all, and tell me the browser used in them.



    for what its worth it works fine on a mac OS10.4 on both Firefox and safari. It could be IE which has been a real pain for messing up css style sheets – and refused to stay with web standards for css. The header bar moving across in your image sure looks like its having css issues. (in my humble opinion!)



    the navigation bar on opera and firefox are fine now but its still messed up in ie. i dunno how it fixed itself, but it was messed up on firefox yesterday. the sizes are still smaller, but i guess i can just deal with that.


    All browsers render web pages slightly differently. As an example, FF and Safari on Mac render my self-hosted blog virtually identically and IE7 on Window is very close to the Mac browsers, however, the strokes on the text in FF Windows is narrower and it looks sort of pixelated compared to the other browsers. If I’m looking at a particular post, the line breaks in the text will be slightly different as well.

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