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WordPress ROCKS!

  1. So I am not exactly sure where to post this (a topic about wordpress is off topic?) but I thought it would be the safest here....

    Anyway... I have had many (well a few) years of blogging experience and I have to say that WordPress surpasses all the other blogging services I have tried out by a long shot.

    WordPress is seriously awesome. All the features, all the support (both forum/faq/& real email support), all the themes, the overall "neatness" of wordpress in it's entirety is just amazing.

    I tried to locate a "feedback" button (i heard it got replaced by a "support" button) just to say what I think about wordpress but this will have to do....

    To any wordpress staff possibly reading this: Keep up the great work & I look forward to future updates... (2.5?)

    (god, Replace wordpress above with halo 3 or nintendo wii, thats how I sounded like hey?)

  2. YEAH WORDPRESS IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Anything I can figure out it always the awesomest!

  3. Lol thank god I wasn't the only lunatic that is addicted to this blog business at a unhealthy level! :D

    Spread the word!!! (haha love it!)

  4. Yeah! WordPress ROCK! It is the best sites like blogger EVER! :D

  5. mysticgypsy128

    it really and truly does. which is why we chose it to host this:

    all the random/odd/eclectic/entertaining news and other crap on the internet you WANT to read about but are too lazy to search for.

  6. Easy there. One post pimping your blog is plenty, particularly as we note you've already found the threads in which to do so.

    I should get a commission on all the blogs I sign up. Instead, I force all my students to blogroll me, thus Technorati-pimping bigtime.

  7. Also, today somebody on Valleywag called Matt the 10th fugliest man in the web world, and I defended him.

    Do I get a free upgrade?

  8. Wait where you refering to me raincoaster? :-S.... I was just sharing some love... :-(...

  9. Not at all. I was referring to mysticgypsy128, who's been rather spamming the OT forum of late.

  10. You can prove your goodwill by going to Valleywag and telling them Matt's the sexiest man you've ever seen.

  11. Ah, few :-), I was thinking you were refering to me over asking too many questions on these forums to get attention :).... Sorry for the misunderstanding!

    Haha even tho its not my sex of interest, I will give this Matt a good word(press haha couldnt resist) or 2 on that site, for all the hard work he (+all the other wordpress admins it seems) are putting on this blogging service!


  12. I moved here from blogger and I have to say that I have been busily converting my blogger friends since! Srsly, I think that I've convinced 4-5 people now, and that's just the beginning.

  13. *bumping* Just wanted to reinforce that point. Notwithstanding all the grievances the update is major improvement.

  14. Yep, I still love WP. Does everyone else?

  15. 888 active support tickets; holy snots

  16. I just found something else I really like--set a post to publish in the future, and then look at your post mgmt. page. It actually tells you exactly when it will publish--in my case, "in 4 hours."

    I thought that was pretty cool.

    I'm really liking the new WP, now that I've stopped being disoriented.

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