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WordPress running really slow?

  1. Three cheers for Staff. You guys rock! :)

  2. Good work and thanks!

    If you are free to say have you any idea of what the motive for the attack was?

  3. I get so many emails from WordPress. Wouldn't this warrant an email so that those of us affected aren't sitting around refreshing and trying to figure out what's wrong? I love WordPress and appreciate what you all are dealing with. I remember getting some kind of email or site notification in the past on something similar. Thanks.

  4. Yes, Staff rocks! Thanks WordPress staff and thanks to the volunteers in the forum for helping keep us from jumping off our roofs over it. ;)

  5. Think we may got an attack again...? Can't load any pages... or even the blog itself.

    Maybe the arabians are attacking protestors online? LOL~

  6. Have you contacted Staff with all your details?

  7. Can't load any wordpress pages, not even my own. Hmm, DDOS round two? Other people seem unaffected though.

  8. If you're having trouble connecting with your blog, please contact us directly via

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