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WordPress running really slow?

  1. Is it just my connection or other people notice the same? WordPress is running really slow.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Howdy,

    Nope, it's not just you. We've received scattered reports of slowness across which we are actively investigating.

  3. No access to one blog: (connection was reset error message)

    but the other one works slowly :

    Perhaps because the front page on the first one is heavier?

  4. It's been running slow for 3 days now.

  5. reaaaaaaaaally slow right now....

  6. All 4 of my blogs in progress were down at midday, started working again, and really struggling to access them again now... think I'm going to finish some photoshop work instead...

  7. bbPress
    Oh dear!

    An invalid configuration file was found at bb-config.php
    The installation cannot continue.

    Usually this is caused by one of the database connection settings being incorrect. Make sure that the specified user has appropriate permission to access the database.

    bbPress is already installed.

    Perhaps you meant to run the upgrade script instead?

  8. I've noticed it running slowly for a few days now and this morning I can't access my blog at all. This is my second try at posting to this forum. The first attempt brought up an error message.

  9. It is extremely slow from me and my readers have been sending me stress message continuously.

  10. Staff is working to correct this BB Press error > see here

  11. Having trouble loading various blogs this morning, getting various error messages. Loaded on about my 5th try, is taking forever to load (still hasn't not sure if it will but it probably won't at this rate).

  12. Please take note that we are all experiencing this and Staff are working to correct it.

  13. Have just logged on (took ages for the page load) to do some updates and a new post and cannot access anything in my blog – just keeps stalling…………!!

  14. We're currently battling a sporadic non-trivial DDoS attack. We'll post here again when we have another update.

  15. Thank you Hewsut I sensed that.

  16. I have the same problem. My blog keeps dropping the connection. I have tried loading some other blogs at the same time and it is the same problem.

  17. WP is buggy. Somthing is wrong over here too...

  18. stillanunfinishedperson

    Thanks for the update, hewsut and Timethief. Appreciate it. Will stand by. Luckily, I didn't have anything to post today anyway.

  19. This is not a BUG! This is a series of non-trivial ie. serious DDOS (direct denial of service) attacks by hackers on the servers.

    How can we help? By logging out and decreasing the demand on the servers while Staff work on the backend.

  20. Thanks for your patience everyone. Just FYI--we are also switching to a read-only mode when necessary to combat the attack. When is in read-only mode, you will notice a warning in your dashboard and you will be unable to post anything new during that time.

    I am very sorry for the inconvenience, and we will keep you updated as we know more.

  21. Thanks for batteing those criminals, hewsut & co.! :-D)))

  22. @ timethief: OK, WP is not buggy! :-D))

  23. Thank you all.... for this explanation.

  24. I can't even get onto my blog at all so i will ask what no-one else seems to have even thought about...are our blogs at risk???

  25. No - I would be very surprised if anything happened to your site or data - WordPress.COM and their server farms are very professional and careful.

  26. OK cheers for that.

  27. > are our blogs at risk???

    No. All data is safe and secure as always and 100% unaffected. This is a connection problem.

  28. Would it help to put a "we are fighting a serious hacker attack, please hold off attempting to post new material until further notice" bulletin on the home page at so people don't waste their time searching the support and forum pages?

  29. Update: we have successfully blocked the DDoS attack.

    We believe that is the end of this story, but there is a small chance that the attackers may eventually be able to get around the block. If that ever happens, you can always get in touch with us in support for an update or come find us here on the forums.

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