WordPress Running Slow, Barely Loading

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    Can barely get to any of my WordPress pages or WordPress.com pages. WordPress appears to be running half speed.

    The blog I need help with is searchmarketingcommunications.com.



    I’d be happy with half-speed. I’m unable to do anything with all the “Page Not Found” errors.


    Very sluggish, slow to load, stuck in a spin. Firefox the browser, and high-speed internet… soooo…

    Anyone else experiencing this?


    We’re experiencing some network issues at the moment. We’re looking into getting things sorted out as soon as possible.



    i’m having the same problem. i’m glad that wordpress is aware and trying to sort things! whew!



    can you give us about 1000 hits for the trouble? I’d settle for 900.


    I can give you one hit! I’ll check out your blog after everything is sorted. ;)



    Thanks designsimply I was just about to report it to you.



    unusable right now…



    I’m glad I’m not the only one.



    WordPress.com is running *extremely* slow.



    Since I’m having my own blog problems today, I’m relieved to find out that the slowness isn’t related to what I’ve been doing. Seems like a good time to have lunch, calm down, and try again later.



    Oh, great to see it’s not my internet connection then! I hope it gets sorted out soon.


    FYI From Montreal, Canada
    Was having trouble off and on Sunday afternoon
    Seemed all clear this morning – then starting 11:45 am could not get through for about 20 minutes.
    Error message does say Cant reach server or server too busy
    Once through to my blog,could access Admin page but not delete spam etc.
    Good luck!



    Weirdly things were happening also… I have the CSS upgrade and briefly the blog displayed without any of my CSS changes. As well, even when I tried to get to the forum, I got error ‘oops’ messages. On top of that, it refused my password a couple of times, and then wouldn’t load anything as some of the others are mentioning.

    Not complaining, just trying to list what I experienced in case it’s pertinant to anyone behind the scenes.



    This is being worked on as I type.

    All will be well, nothing will be lost.



    OK, just to let you guys know that the network problems are ongoing. There might be some funny caching issues around too, this are linked to the network problems. Thanks for your patience.



    Slowest it’s ever been, but I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon.



    Well, all seems fine now! :-)



    Everything should be back to normal now. Here is a rundown of what happened:

    At approximately 10:30AM ET this morning, our monitoring systems alerted us to a network problem in one of our data centers. As is normal procedure, we initiated the process to route all of WordPress.com traffic around the problematic data center and through our other 2 facilities. About 30 minutes after that process was complete, we were alerted to another network problem between our 2 remaining facilities. This is what caused the noticeable slower page loads, errors, etc because we had lost the use of 2/3 of our data centers. At this point, we started doing a couple of things to resolve the problem:

    1) Troubleshooting the root cause of the original network problems and implementing a plan to keep the facility online, yet work around the network trouble.
    2) Investigating the source of the secondary network problems and figuring out a way to resolve them.

    By about 12:30PM, both of these things had been completed and everything started to return to normal. During the troubleshooting process, we also found a bug in some of our caching code which made these network problems worse than they should have been, so we will be working on fixing that ASAP. We have also asked our network providers for some more details regarding the outages and some additional monitoring so that we can predict these types of problems in the future and mitigate them before they impact site performance.

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