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Wordpress Search - Portugal

  1. pigletinportugal

    I am trying to find other bloggers in Porutgal so I typed in "Portugal" in the "search" box
    My search revealed about 167,000 results but after checking 18 pages (apart from page 1) the results were all the same. Am I missing something here?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. pigletinportugal

    I've just continued my search to page 100
    and the same few blogs are listed on every single page...

  3. How the search utility works is described here. There is no way to narrow the search down to only bloggers who are situated in Portugal. In that case using Google search may or may not be more helpful.

  4. Olá! Did you visit
    Then click on 'Mais →' after 'Blogs em Destaque'.

  5. pigletinportugal

    thanks for your responses but I think you are missing the point. If you type in Portugal in the search box the pages 2 through to 100 the pages are exactly the same. It's the same few Portugal blogs that are listed on every page
    I can no longer search using this word as I've now been banned from doing so, until I contact support. great!

    I don't want Portuguese blogs :) I can't speak Portuguese so this would not be much use unfortunately.

    Looking for people who are talking about Portugal is only the same as people talking about cats... :)

    If you type in Portugal waht do you see from page 2 onwards?

  6. Pretty much the same, I think.
    The only thing that comes to mind is to search Portuguese words or Portuguese cities in en. search.

  7. eg. "bacalhau" gives good results :)

  8. Not so good. also many repeated blogs.

  9. pigletinportugal


    So there must be an eror on the system. Who do you report this to please?

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