WordPress Serfs – When you need to fix things but don't have the time.

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    I was talking with the support staff about fixing minor inconveniences like when stories are updated and the track backs show the original story title. I thought of an idea that perhaps others can benefit from.

    Why not offer a service where you can rent out people to do minor edits? Something like WordPress Serfs? People can sign up and set their rate, say what they can do, and you can have limited roles for them to have on a blog. I would gladly pay/work for a rate I could set myself, and since the users have spare brainpower it would probably also help them to afford more services. If a community was hosted it could have reviews of each person by past bosses, and they could work for a trial period for free to prove their ability. Just an idea.

    I would both do this and pay people to do this. Some editing of WP is fun, but it also is nice to get feedback from someone not familiar with it. What do you think? The Serfs name is just a throwback to the idea that we are working a plantation in the middle ages. I thought it would be a fun way to show the landowner who is boss.

    The blog I need help with is chimac.net.



    brilliant idea! :P but i believe that would bring in some level of complication into the equation and wp.com has always tried to keep it simple and easy for us non tech noobs…



    If you need help and are willing to pay for it then click this link: http://codepoet.com

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