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Wordpress signup error

  1. I went to sign up for another blog and it worked. Only that when I pushed the submit button it took me to a page that showed the source code of the confirmation page, I assume.

  2. Sorry, we're working on this.

  3. Okay this is fixed now.

    Sorry it took so long, this was probably the most difficult thing I've ever debugged in my life. Ryan and I worked on it for hours.

  4. All good :)

  5. unitarianchristian

    I think I have a similar problem with sorry guys

  6. Yeah it's still not going :(

  7. unitarianchristian, did you see my reply to your feedback? The new blog is ready to go. Just login with your unitarianchristian username and start blogging.

  8. I just signed up and am having the same problem as topic starter.
    Once I filled out the form and pressed OK I was sent to a page telling me to look in my e-mail but the page was all HTML source.
    I thought nothing of it but after confirming my signup and trying to login the secure site keeps redirecting me in a loop and Firefox cuts it off. You guys working on the servers or something?
    Maybe unrelated but still; I can logout of this forum but on the main page I show up still logged in.

  9. I'm getting the same problem. Could this be a reason why the API keys aren't working also?

  10. beyondthescope

    Same here, firefox tells me I'm being redirected in a loop that "will never end." Cannot connect to my dashboard

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