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    My first wordpress site that I have set it up on my computer localhost, just went down, right after I set up my second wordpress site. I set each of them in 2 different folders that I placed in my www AppServ.

    The first site works recently, until exactly after I set my second wordpress site (wordpress2). Could have I done the configuration incorrectly?

    I have 2 different mysql databases in my webserver.

    Now, my second wordpress site displayed correctly (still new), and I am unable to view my first wordpress site, which I have developed almost 70% from finished.

    Can anyone help me ?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hey there, Davy1yg

    I’d like you to know that you’re in the wrong forums. It looks like you host your own image of WordPress which you downloaded from wordpress.org. Please see the wordpress.org forums here for help:


    By the way, what looks to me is that you just installed two wordpress installations within the same directory. But since you’re saying that your II WordPress website displays correctly it looks like there’s some other issue.

    Also, by saying ‘My Computer Localhost’ you mean, are you referring to a local installation of WordPress on your Hard drive. In that case, a MySQL database might create conflict if you’re editing the wp-config.php to your local domain.

    I think WordPress.org might be more helpful.




    On this forum we provide support only for those who have free blogs from and being free hosted by wordpress.com. Those who have local installs or who have any web host other than wordpress.com must post to http://wordpress/org/support

    For clarity > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/please-read-me-first-before-posting?replies=1

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