wordpress site looks fine offline, messed up online.

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    Hi there,

    I recently set up WordPress on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS desktop, I have it running on a LAMP server without issues OFFLINE but when I give out the address, http://doesgod.servebeer.com it doesn’t display correctly and I’m not sure how to change it?? I’ve found numerous posts relating to changing the Media Settings which I’ve done.

    Store uploads in this folder is set to wp-content/uploads

    Full URL Path to FIles is blank, but I’ve tried setting it as http://doesgod.servebeer.com/wp-content/uploads and that changed nothing.

    I’m using no-ip to keep my IP address up to date, but I get the feeling it has something to do with some files appearing on my computer as ‘localhost’ rather than the actual web address. On my internal network I’m the only person who can access the site without any flaws whatsoever. I can access from another computer on the network that will show the website ALMOST perfectly except doesn’t load any files that appear in the ‘wp-content/uploads’ folder. Example being my entire site loaded fine minus the background header I’d made. That leads me to think there is still quite a bit of ‘localhost’ stuff in .php files, and maybe some files giving my internal IP. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


    I think you’re asking on the wrong forum. Please read this as we can’t help people who have self-hosted blogs, here on wordpress.com:


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