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Wordpress Slideshow Feature

  1. I have a slideshow on my blog ( It's on the "Photos" page.
    It's working fine - and I don't care that I can't seem to customize things (ie: background colour, fade-ins etc.) but I wish I could CENTRE IT ON THE PAGE. Could someone have a look and give me a suggestion?
    I tried the other WordPress-recommended slideshows (rockyou and slideshare) but there were just too many hoops to jump through with those. Thanks a million!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. is not showing any slideshow at the moment.
    Could you re-enter the slideshow code and publish it?

  3. Yes! I deleted it because it wasn't working. Sorry. It's back up now, and everything looks great - except for that it's not CENTRED ON THE PAGE. Thanks!

  4. Can anyone help me with this? I'd be very, very grateful!

  5. At the moment the slideshow is configured to occupy the whole width of your main column, and it doesn't work well in flexible-width themes. You could switch to a fixed-width theme.

  6. Thank you Pana! But, I really, really like the theme I've got - does anyone else have any suggestions? If I use another one (like slideshare etc.) will it work better? (I tried RockYou, but it wouldn't embed the show into my page - it just gave me a link to the RockYou website.)


  7. Anyone? Anyone?

  8. Devblog, do you know anything about positioning the slideshow frame properly?

  9. I hate to be a pest, but I'm trying hard to keep this query near the top of the list in hopes of getting some advice. Is there anyway to position my slideshow in the centre of my page? Thanks.

  10. Please do not continually bump your own threads. The experienced volunteers like devblog know how to find threads that have not been answered.

    If there is someone who has an answer, they will give it. If you do not receive an answer it is not likely because we have not noticed the thread, but more likely that the available volunteers do not have an answer.

  11. I don't know if this will work or not since I don't have any posts with multiple images right now, but try wrapping the shortcode in p tags as below. Enter all that in the HTML tab.

    `<p style="text-align: center;">[slideshow]</p>

  12. Thank you thesacredpath. Sorry raincoaster. I am a new blogger - I didn't know I was breaking any rules of etiquette there.

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