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    WordPress.com is very very slow and not uploading images :(, What is going on?
    Thanks for responses!



    Hi, how is your internet speed. able to access other sites?



    WordPress has been very slow for me for about a month now. Saving edits or new posts is a nightmare. And even submitting comments or approving them is painfully slow.

    My internet speed is blazing elsewhere.



    A month? Have you reported that to staff?



    Yes, got a “we’ll look into it” response and then nothing else. I’ve emailed them back but gotten no reply. I’m not very impressed with WP support (except here on the forums, where other users like you are v.v. helpful and responsive). I notified them this morning that the Categories widget is acting up again, and heard nothing as usual.


    Saving edits has been slow for me too, also for about a month. No problems with other sites. I’ve seen other mentions of it on this forum, so I’ve been waiting it out. But there’s definitely something going on.



    There was one thread with about a hundred or so people contributing that they had exactly the kinds of problems which I am still experiencing, and I contacted support about it but never heard from them again (beyond, as I said above, “we’ll look into it”)…and now I can’t find that thread to see if anyone ever had something useful to say about it.

    It isn’t getting better, and I sent another email but heard nothing back. Did get a response today about the widget issue though!



    It’s probably because there releasing the wordpress 2.7 dashboard tomorrow
    & there updating the servers on the back end to get ready for this major launch.

    WordPress Blog, » 2.7 Gets Here in Two Days!



    I guess I’m ahead of the curve on the 2.7 rollout, being in France where I’m trying to post while lots of you are peacefully sleeping, but nothing’s working for me. No image uploads, funky-looking admin screens, slower than molasses, etc. Does anyone have any insight? Do we just have to wait to make new posts in 2.7? I don’t see anything warning us about startup hassles.



    Just to say that now, three hours later, I was able to write, upload images and publish this pretty post, about a festival in France’s Pays Basque, without any troubles at all. http://frenchletters.wordpress.com/2008/12/04/les-poivrons-dantan/

    Thanks, WordPress.



    Teri Gand kaisay patay gi harami



    gretak, can you re-find that thread? we’ve been having trouble with our blog for a while now; i think about two-three months ago, things started to slow down; as of the last month or so it’s been almost unusable. loading any page usually takes forever, often ends up loading nothing but a blank white screen (status bar says ‘Done’), and occasionally loads at normal speed with no problems.

    i had the LiveHTTPHeaders firefox plugin installed, and tried disabling it — everything was all of a sudden better. then i saw the ‘Turbo’ button in the new Dashbord, and ended up installing Google Gears, and everything slowed to the point of brokenness again. so i disabled Gears — no help. i uninstalled Gears — still no help.




    i had the LiveHTTPHeaders firefox plugin installed,

    If you are talking about plugins, you are in the wrong forum as we do not use plugins here. Head over to http://wordpress.ORG/support

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