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Wordpress Space Confusion

  1. knowledgejewels7

    I have the confusion of my space allowed to me. When do we eat up our space? Is it in the Comments, Pages and Posts?

    Please Guide. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. None of the above - space allocation is only counted for Media (pictures, documents etc) - words are free

  3. knowledgejewels7

    When i copy paste pictures. it doesn't count space. But uploading counts. What is that?

  4. Just inserting a picture more than once does not duplicate it in the Media library - the same picture is being shown - just in more than once place - all you are doing is copying the address of the picture - not the picture

    Uploading is putting new stuff in your media library

  5. knowledgejewels7

    Oh. ok

    Thanks for your help

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