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  1. I recently posted a comment on someone else's blog ( and now, whenever someone posts a comment on that person's blog, I get e-mails, even though the comment is not related to my comment. I subscribed to their blog but I did not tick the box for "Get comments by e-mail". Right now, my whole inbox is full with e-mails from WordPress saying someone commented on that person's post. Please help!


  2. Me too. Any advice??

  3. @ksister - When you say you didn't mark the "Get comments by email" option, are you referring to the one in a blogger's post after you comment - or the one that's a choice under "Blogs I Follow"/Edit List?

    I have noticed that the option to get follow up comments on a post via email has been automatically checked now and I have to uncheck it, whereas before it was unchecked by default.

  4. Yes.\

    There are literally over a hundred complaints about this already today. You can just look down the main page of the forum to find them.

    In those threads, staff have said they are tinkering with the way the comments notifications work, and this is temporary.

  5. @zimonawhim - I meant the one that's an option in the "Blogs I Follow" list. I double-checked the tick box right now and it's not ticked. However, I'm still getting e-mails. Thanks anyway!

  6. Thanks to all who have helped me! :) It's been a lot of help. Following raincoaster's advice, I'll wait a little while. But if the problem still lingers until the day after tomorrow, I'll post it up here right away.

    Thanks again!


  7. I just figured out how to get rid of the ones that I have now. Hopefully the will fix this soon. But for now by clicking on the unsubscribe option in one of the 1000+ emails you can opt to unsubscribe to all and then delete them all as being followed too.

  8. Please refer to staffs reply pertaining to this topic

  9. @triptracker thanks for the tip! My inbox is totally clean now! :)

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