WordPress Statcounter = A Great Combination. But…

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    I’ve used Statcounter for a couple of years, but I’m brand new to WordPress. I just added Ststcounter HTML code in a text widget, and it is working, but…

    I wish I could take full advantage of Statcounter’s features. As many of you have already pointed out, without Javascript support, that’s not currently possible. I fully understand the reason why Javascript is not allowed on WordPress. I wish the Wizards at WordPress could come up with some way around the limitation, perhaps working with the Statcounter people to find a solution.

    If Santa could deliver this for me for Christmas, I’ll be good all next year.

    ….What? What are you thinking? Of course. I was good this year too.

    Thanks, Santa !


    I too would like to see wordpress provide at least some limited javascript support, but I’m not sure I want to hold my breath (I have a few good years left in me). :-)



    I want Saint Nick to deliver our wp.com forum for X-Mas is {{HUGS}} and kisses **** for all bloggers
    (1) who are willing to accept the limitations of using this free hosted wordpress.com multiuser blogging platform as is and with grace;

    (2) or who are willing to reach into their pockets, pay the few dollars required to hire a webhost and to download the free templates available from http://wordpress.org

    What I want Black Piet to deliver to the bloggers who will not cheerfully choose one of the options listed above is a lump of coal the same size as their pie-hole.

    But, of course, I’m really just joking just as you were when you posted this, right? … lol :D


    For those of us who get a lump of coal, remember that if you squeeze real hard, you can make a diamond out of it.




    Now just in case you were not kidding and did not find my post funny I’d like to ask you why you target statcounter. Did you know that wordpress.com runs Google analytics on our blogs? And wouldn’t you choose to see those reports over statcounters?


    Hmmm, I wonder how hard it would be for them to expand the blog stats page to give a little more of what GA gives to wordpress?



    WordPress.com has been growing exponentially and without a strategic business plan in place when rapid growth occurs you can end up in the unenviable position of operating in crisis mode all of the time, rather than progressively developing. And, I sincerely believe that Andy is working on the development of stats program right now.



    Timethief – we are not operating in anything close to crisis mode.

    And you can believe what you wish – you do not know.

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