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Wordpress Stats Graph Issue

  1. WordPress Stats graph do not show up correctly in my Chrome browser, but it works perfectly in Firefox, any ideas?
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  2. Yes. Switch to using Firefox to view your stats and I'll flag this thread so Staff are aware of the Chrome issue. Exactly which version of Chrome are you using please?

  3. i'm using chrome version 19.0.1084.56 m.

  4. Thanks for providing the version number. Please be patient while waiting.

  5. P.S. A screenshot may be helpful and you can upload one into your Media Library where Staff can view it.

  6. Would you please try with all of your browser extensions temporarily disabled?

  7. I have disabled all extensions, but still having the same problem...

  8. Would you please check in Firefox or another browser so we can be sure that the issue is limited to Chrome on your computer?

  9. Yes, i have tested on IE9, and firefox and it's working. This issue has been bothered me for months, i'm not sure what goes wrong for chrome. Am i the only who facing this kind of problem for Chrome browser?

  10. Chrome had this issue back in Chrome 18, which was on Google's end and fixed by Chrome 19.

    Are you definitely using Chrome 19 on the stable branch, or are you using one of the betas?

  11. From Help there stated 19.0.1084.56 m. But how would i know whether it is beta or stable version?

  12. Hm, that is the stable version.

    Have you tried reinstalling it?

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