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    Under Posts & Pages on the stats page, why have the links to the actual posts themselves been removed? That is a function I used often since none of my posts are titled, and the only way I could identify the posts being viewed was to click or hover on the post id numbers. Please bring the hyperlinks back!



    Hi there,

    We’ve made this change to make the main stats page less cluttered. We’ve received a lot of feedback about this, and our developers are considering if/how they can add similar functionality back without adding back with rolling back the design changes, but I can’t make any promises at this point.

    If you click on a post on the stats page to view the detailed stats for the post, you can still find a View Post link there.

    That is a function I used often since none of my posts are titled

    Not adding titles to your posts can have a negative effect on discoverability – neither search engines nor the WordPress.com Reader can properly index your posts if they don’t have titles, making it less likely that people will find them via searches.

    Is there a particular reason you do it like this? There might be a better way to achieve the same end goal. For example, if you use the Aside format for your posts they won’t display titles on your site’s main posts page, only on the single-post views.



    kokkieh: What WP has done here is TERRIBLE!!!

    I’ve been blogging (in earnest) for 10 years on WP and I have seen a progressive dumbing down of the platform. Thank goodness for scripts (like those of t penguin’s). I’m guessing, but this ‘improvement’ looks like something that you made sure can’t be got around. No attitude there.

    WordPress.com is not mine and I use it for free so I have to take what I get. In this capitalist paradise, that’s the motto. ‘Take what you get whether you like it or not, and even if it hurts you’. The model is ‘Take and dictate’. So I get that whether I’m paying for something or not (on my min wage, working full time, permanent position in security here in Canada since 1999).

    That ‘little’ feature was extremely helpful. If you blog, you use it. Removing it slows down power bloggers.


    Thanks for the feedback arrby. Nothing is set in stone, we are constantly trying to improve. Your feedback has been passed along to the developers.



    Thank you lizkarkoski.


    Thanks for your response. I’m glad that there’s still a view post link on the detailed stats page for the post, but it was so much easier before when I could just hover over the posts on the main stats page to quickly identify all of them rather than having to click through to 2 other pages just to identify one post. I don’t understand how removing the links declutters the main stats page. The new page looks identical to me yet there is the loss in functionality. I don’t have titles for my posts because they are vignettes that would be difficult to capture accurately with a title. I do hope you bring back the old functionality.


    Just tried to click on “View Post” on the detailed stats page and all I get is a blank pop-up page, so that option doesn’t work now either.



    Oof, thanks for sharing that. I’ve filed a bug report.

    In the meantime, I did notice if you change the view (from tablet to desktop, for example) the page will load up.



    Hi folks,

    An update – our developers have decided to return the View Post link, but now it will only be visible when you move your mouse over the title of a specific post in the list. Hope that helps :)


    Fantastic! Thank you!



    kokkieh: Thanks. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting this. The hidden aspect has zero effect on functionality, so I’m fine with it.

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