WordPress stopped underlining?

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    Recently I have lost the ability to underline words/phrases in blog posts. It’ll let me do it but as I continue to write the underlines disappear and keep doing so to the point of where I have given up on doing it. If there’s any way you could help that’d be great; I’m sure there’s a quick fix.

    The blog I need help with is theprowrestlingnerd.wordpress.com.


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    Please link to a post where this is happening so we can examine the code you are using. Start with http://


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    Okay, well, I don’t know which words you were trying to underline. But in a test blog using monochrome, the underline button works just fine. If you go into the text editor can you see code like this:
    <span style="text-decoration: underline;">YOUR_TEXT_HERE</span>
    You can use your browser’s find function to search for text-decoration to help you locate the code. Or use it to search for some unique part of your text.



    I’m having the same issue.. I have a post for Golden Globe nominees that I had underlined my picks. When I was writing that post weeks ago, it kept disappearing and I kept having to put them back in.

    Now, as I’m updating it so I can post with the actual winners, I’m underlining the draft post and then later realize that all the underlines have disappeared. They’ve disappeared WITH hitting “save draft” and without.



    This was the original nominees post, and the underlines ARE there now but only after I had to keep putting them back in and making sure to save it before it disappears again.

    The one I’m writing right now has not been posted yet, but it’s constantly disappearing while in draft-mode.

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