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    I’m keen to blog using <papertrails.wordpress.com> but the subdomain is currently occupied by a ghost blog from 2007, with no posts.

    How do I have wordpress turn this subdomain over to me as an active user?


    The blog I need help with is lickinggravity.wordpress.com.



    you don’t – there is no requirement that a blog be active or posted to on a regular basis – you can try contacting the owner or leaving a comment on the site – but WordPress.COM will not give you any contact info for the account holder nor give you the old blog


    If you find that a blog address is registered by another user, you may be able to obtain it for your use if the owner of the blog agrees to transfer it to you. You may contact the blog owner – via a comment on their site or through a contact form, if available – to ask for their consent. If you do not get permission, or do not hear back from the blog owner, we cannot transfer the blog address to you.


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