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Wordpress sucks on Google Chrome?

  1. Well, I'm gonna let the images speak for themselves...


    Some really weird crap is going on. I'm using 2.6.1 and the oddest part is that this does not happen with my blog hosted here on WordPress, but on the other hand, that doesn't happen with my own blog using Firefox...

    Any ideas, guys?

  2. don't use chrome until the final version is released.

  3. My apologies. I did not mean to start this thread on but on .org.

  4. Historically we have never supported beta versions of browsers. Given that Google has things in beta for years, avoid Chrome :)

  5. Well I am sorry if I refuse to avoid what is clearly the fastest and most promising browser out there :) but hey... thanks for the help (or lack thereof) anyway, since clearly all answers were off the point.

  6. As you said yourself you needed to ask this at .org?

    And it may well be made by Google and you may think it the fastest / most promising but the fact is that if there is a problem and we fix it then when Google does fix it their fix will break our change. So we end up running after them. It cannot be that way so we wait until it is released as final. This is the same for Opera, Internet Explorer and Firefox. I do not foresee any issues here but if there are this is what we will do.

  7. Off the point indeed.

    I can't help but snicker when I see this thread title. Am I the only one that thinks it's a setup to a dirty joke?

  8. If WordPress is written according to the standards, that means Chrome is rendering the page wrong.

    In that case, let the problem stay! The whole problem with standards and the writing-for-IE headache began when websites bent to the browsers' rules rather than have the browsers conform to a universal set of rules (==w3c's standards).

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