WordPress Support Closed?

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    whenever i try to contact wordpress support,it says their Support is currently closed. So when will support when open again so I can email them?



    It is open from 9-5 Monday to Friday Pacific Daylight time. You can email them anytime if you’ve got the email, though they’re unlikely to respond outside of office hours except if it’s an emergency (like hacking, etc).


    I face same problem. Can some one provide me email address of wordpress



    Support at wordpress dot com.


    Word Press Support sucks
    each time we try to contact them
    the sucked system ducks
    after all bloggers are nothing but schmucks
    at word press on generosity of free fucks



    photographerno1 – thanks. How very nice of you.



    He could have asked for a refund, Mark.



    Here’s what you do when you email. You give me:

    – your browser
    – your browser version
    – your FULL blog address (not the name, the real address that begins http:// )
    – your FULL username
    – your REAL email address that is registered here
    – and a very good description of the exact problem.

    Because people see things like this, and because they email I actually get “It’s broken” with no other information. Nothing. So I email them, they email me, I usually have to ask again etc etc etc.

    9-5 PDT is not that strange.



    For the record photographerno1 has had lots of help.



    9-5 PDT is not that strange.

    If you have to pick a timezone where everyone has to blog on company time rather than evenings or weekends, it does seem the most sensible one.



    Thanks for the clarification as to what detail bloggers ought to provide to staff so their problems can be sorted.



    Taken from 7 Things To Know Before Posting in WordPress.com Forums

    7. Please Remember that WordPress.Com is a Free Blogging Service
    There are people who complain in the forums and demand for things as if they are paying for this. Although there are certain paid options like customised domains, CSS and such, wp.com remains largely a free service and as such, you should ask for anything politely and respect any decision that rejects your request. Don’t give up though, because they could change their minds and offer a feature that you might have requested before if there is demand from other users.

    I’d like to put it somewhere so anybody can read it before looking for help or answer for their questions.
    Good point, isn’t it :)



    I’m having a problem getting a response from WordPress. There is another WordPress blog that is violating the terms of service by posting pictures of me, as well as several others and we have not given them our consent to post these pictures. Some of the pictures have been photoshopped into crude or embarrassing photos. They are also using our real names as well as saying detrimental things.

    One fellow is quite upset because they have tracked down where he works and used his company photo in one of their photos.

    I have reported them 3 times, and several of the other people have as well. Yet nothing is done and no reply is given. Not even an acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint.

    Not only is this a violation of WordPress’ TOS, it is against the law.

    Have any of you had anything like this happen and what did you do about it?



    are you sure it is hosted here at wordpress.com?

    Sometimes blogs that are hosted elsewhere using the software from wordpress.org are mistaken for wordpress.com blogs. The folks here at .com have no power over those hosted elsewhere. Your best bet is to take it up with the host.

    If the blog is here at wordpress.com, you should get some sort of response from support. How did you file the complaints?



    Politeness always counts.



    tfhzone, I have had that happen to me multiple times, and I generally go to their blogs and simply post comments that are more informed, helpful, and polite than their blog posts. If you strike the note just right, you can make them look like complete asses. Several of the people I’ve done this to have immediately deleted their blogs.

    Otherwise, I basically just ignore them. I try to rise above it. I do not generally try to control what other people say about me, and I don’t kid myself that images on the internet are not going to be copied: they are.

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