WordPress support docs – please let me add l10n in Welsh(cy)

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    WordPress.com needs support pages in Welsh (cy) and my friends and I can help!

    My friends and I would love to write wordpress.com docs in Welsh as soon as possible.

    e.g English (en) and Spanish (es) are available but not Welsh (cy)

    Can the subdomain and functionality be added please?

    I recommend that the licence for the docs be displayed somewhere – is it licensed under Creative Commons and/or maybe GFDL?

    We are happy using our own systems for any translation work that would need to be done and uploaded.

    One of the key distinctives of WordPress versus any proprietary CMS is its massive multilingual support. If we could add more docs then that would give software freedom a boost.



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    Thanks timethief



    You’re welcome Carl. :)


    Thank you carlmorris for your interest in contributing in this way. I will have to get back to you about this possibility after I check with the team who works on this.



    Thanks Liz.

    This should happen for all languages as part of the work of WP Growth Council!



    Hi @carlmorris!

    You mentioned WP Growth Council – did you meant to request a support site for the self-hosted version of WordPress? (which is available at WordPress.org, not WordPress.com)

    For more information about the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com, please check out this page:



    Hi @naokomc

    We already have a support site for the self-hosted version in Welsh (cy), cy.wordpress.org which I co-maintain but thanks for asking!

    Now we would love to assist ordinary users who choose wordpress.com through producing documentation which is currently non-existent in Welsh as far as I can see.

    Perhaps I misunderstood the role of the WP Growth Council. I had interpreted it as an initiative to boost use of WordPress whether that be on wordpress.com or on self-hosted sites. One can be a gateway to the other.

    By the way I’m sure we could do more with the .org support site but wordpress.com is definitely the focus of my query this month. :-)



    Thanks for clarifying!
    My team which is in charge of localization of WordPress.com will be meeting in person at the end of the month. We’d like to discuss this topic of localized support site expansion and get back to you after that.
    Sorry about the wait, but I hope you understand!




    I understand there is a process.

    In the meantime my friends and I have started working on the docs in Welsh.

    We are keen to support the next generation of WordPress bloggers and content producers in our own language.

    I would have no problem publishing the docs on another website but it seems much more effective to publish them here on wordpress.com

    Diolch / thanks



    That’s great to hear.
    As you may know, the English support site is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license. Please feel free to reuse the text and images following the guideline.

    We will get back to you again next month! Thanks for your patience.



    OK thanks naokomc, I look forward to hearing from you soon.



    Hi – At our meetup, our team concluded that we want to go with the following direction:

    • We will not create cy.support.wordpress.com locale support site at this time
    • We want to encourage user-supported support doc sites
    • We’re happy to create a page on translate.wordpress.com (similar to this) which lists such sites an unofficial but recommended resources

    We made the decision because we currently don’t have the bandwidth to maintain additional localized support sites. I hope you understand and still feel encouraged to create a site under a different domain.

    Let us know how you think. Thanks again for your help!

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