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    Hi! I want to report a possible issue, and what I thought to be a very uncomfortable problem and possibly threatening to my security. I googled a phone number for wordpress support when I ran into an issue logging in (not important for this context) and started speaking with a representative who asked for my username and password to help me out. I thought this was strange, but it was the number for WordPress support so I gave it to him. He was unable to help me with my problem, seemed to have little to no experience with wordpress, and got continuously more frustrated with trying to help me with my problem when I had to explain it multiple times. I asked why he was unable to help with such a simple issue and he disclosed to me that his company is actually a third party user. So the fact that he was not representing wordpress was not told to me until well into the conversation, after I gave him my username and password. I have since changed the password because I don’t trust a third party site with that information, but I was very uncomfortable to find that the support number advertised for wordpress was not actually wordpress at all. I think contact should be made with this site and it should be made clear that they are not wordpress from the beginning. He repeatedly tried to push services on me that would cost a lot of money and weren’t useful, and the overall experience was very unpleasant and worrisome. Thanks!


    WordPress.com does not offer telephone support. You are not the first to miss reading the small print. At least you’ve changed your password. I suspect you are referring to Geometricbox. If you mouse over their Google ad you will see the URL has no connection with WordPress.com. Scroll down and you find other companies offering to help with WordPress (.org) problems for a fee. Google are really the one to blame. Here in the UK many people have accidentally visited private sites (where they had to pay money) when looking for Government sites (that would have cost them nothing) because Google puts the rogue sites above the official ones. The World Wide Web can be as dangerous as the Wild Wild West.

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