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    Is it possible to delete the WordPress tag line “Just another WordPress blog” under the blog’s title?



    Sure can. Just modify DashBoard -> Options -> General -> Tagline. :)


    Thank you


    ok, stupid question I know. But does this tag line help search engines categorise your blog?

    For eg:

    Livingjourney / A photo blog

    So my blog would picked up and be categorised as a photo blog by the search engines??

    If this is so.. I reckon that would be helpful in getting correctly indexed.

    And maybe this should be put in the FAQ. Coz I had no idea what it was!! :)



    “There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers”

    In answer: Yes, the tag line does help. Saying “photo” and “blog” will help. However, that’s a very general search and there will be tens of thousands (millions?) of sites ahead of you.

    More specific is better. For example, my personal blog uses “Skipping ahead to Web 3.0” as the tagline. On a google search for “web 3.0 skipper”, I come up #1 (what use that might be, I have no idea).

    It seems you have already come to a more specific tagline with “a christian life inside an eternal plan” (very evocative, by the way) If you were trying solely to influence google, you might use “christian photos, writing and commentary on life”. I very much prefer what you have – if it’s good, google will find it because people will link to it.

    By the way, your blog is very good!!



    On a support/coding note, the feature of adding the tagline to the <title> tag is not working in all templates.

    Why is that?

    It seems like it should work the same way in all of the templates and I can’t imagine it would be a major deal to fix this across all templates available on wordpress.com.

    It doesn’t work on livingjourney’s template and it also doesn’t work on my Michigan in Pictures blog on WP.

    Note to the WordPress team that I’d add to any suggestion or request:

    WordPress is an amazingly great product and service and even if you never add or fix another thing, I will remain extremely thankful for the great gift you have given the internet.



    It’s not a case of “it’s not working”, more that the original theme designer has not put this option into the theme.

    Neat! for example doesn’t have ANY title text, it ain’t broke, it’s just the way that the theme designer um, designed it!

    Some people actually prefer not to have a title and subtitle on their blog. Not my preference though!


    Wow Thanks Farlane for saying my blog is very good.

    I really appreciate that.

    It’s nice to have feedback.




    I forget which one it is but there’s a WP theme that puts the subtitle in the footer for some strange reason….


    no matter… I am getting my regular readers and commentators. It’s all word of mouth really…. How would you put that in blogging term.

    Word of mouth/Post of Blog???




    Last night my blog was exactly as I wanted it. i saved, shut down and moved on with life lve and liberty. Today, All of the sudden, my tag line has been covered by most recent post. Any ideas why that might be?



    Word of mouth/Post of Blog?

    <humour>Strength of the BS? :)</humour>

    sneylan, need a link to see what’s happening. Only my ex thought I could read minds. :)

    edit: Also please note that the URL you’re linking to with your siteURL is a commerical site. I do have to ask you to change it please as it’s against WordPress.com’s TOS.




    I’m new to WordPress, and love my blog. However, I DO want a tag line, and my template seems not to allow it. Is there any way I can add one?

    RA. Blog: This week at American Meadows.



    @ami2 – It would be helpful to have your WordPress blog, and not your commercial site, linked to your username.

    If your theme uses a header image, you could use a photo editor to add the text to the image. You can’t modify the functionality of the underlying theme, just its look and feel.

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