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Wordpress tags/topics and 'Freshly Pressed' unobtainable.

  1. For some time I have been unable to access the WordPress page which displays the latest postings tagged as poetry. First of all the 'Topics' tab wouldn't open (from 'Freshly Pressed' or from anywhere else); I could get in from a search engine by searching 'wordpress tag poetry' for a while, but just lately this has become unavailable. Now even the 'Freshly Pressed' page can't be accessed. I can't attach a screen shot here, but if you want to see what the screen looks like to which WordPress diverts ma and then freezes me just type in the url

    Somebody tell me something other than "It's your browser" please.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Certainly.

    If you just do a forum search or simply scroll down the forum you'll find at least a hundred other bloggers complaining about the changes. Staff have responded that they are working on the system over the weekend and that changes are temporary. I'd wait till Monday; that's when they always try to have things working. If it's not working on Monday, check the forum again.

    Meantime, the classic forum pages still work at where SUBJECT is whatever tag you're looking for.

  3. Thank you raincoaster - I thought it was just me (I am used to things going haywire on my computer)!

    I am looking forward greatly to the 'fix'

    However... and unfortunately... I am STILL getting the hanging problem when I type in, so no joy there either :(


  4. Hmm, they must be tinkering with things they weren't doing previously.

  5. I would hazard that you are correct in that assumption. I shall wait a few days and see how it goes.


  6. I don't have any access to any freshly pressed.

    Does anyone know if they plan on fixing this?

  7. Nobody KNOWS but it's logical to assume that they do.

  8. Ah, logic. :)

    Well I shall wait patiently until Tuesday morning (here in Scotland) to see whether I still have the problem, and then I'll take it from there.


  9. I have just found that the new format doesn't like browsers to be set to any kind of private setting. I tried it out with a Mac yesterday using Safari. But even with the private facility turned off the page hangs with the message 'Wait, there's more' and one can't go to earlier postings/pages. I guess they are still tweaking the set-up. But I wish they would make it so private settings worked.

  10. Okay, it's almost a week on. Not a day goes by without WordPress falling over on me. It never fails to find some way of thwarting me. Some days it persistently logs me out. Some days it freezes. Some days the pages won't load properly. Some days - like today - it simply won't display the 'poetry' tag page. This does not seem to depend on the browser I'm using nor (I have discovered) on whether I am blocking cookies, or browsing privately, or whatever. It just falls over. Does anyone have any ideas? Are they still working on the site?

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