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  1. First website ever. I want to use a theme from wordpress that costs 45 dollars. Would it be possible to get the wp theme to the domain on How much space would I need? Would 5 GB be enough? If it's important, it's this theme:

    I apologize if some of the questions might have been asked before, but I couldn't find any concrete answers. Would it be easy to set it all up? I do know some html...

    Thanks a bunch in advance! :)

  2. Have you looked at the versus page? That will give you information on the difference between using with a custom domain name and using with a self-hosted site.

    If you know you want a self-hosted site, you'll want to read over the support documentation—for example, the Getting Started with WordPress page—and visit the forums. (The forums here are only for blogs hosted on

  3. I was told on another forum that I 'd be able to upload the wp theme to the hosting site. Is that not true?

  4. Do you want to use a WordPress installation with your own website host (i.e. a self-hosted WordPress site)? If so, and that's what you want help with, you'll want to head over to the forums. It is possible to do what you're talking about with, but this forum is only for helping with blogs.

  5. Thanks for the help :)

  6. You're welcome. Good luck with your site!

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