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    Hi all,

    Well i’ve bitten the bullet and decided to get a blog up and running. Thing is that i’d really like it to look a certain way ….. and wondered if anyone can recommend someone to help me set this up. I’d be looking to pay for services of course.

    Apologies if this has been covered before (i did a search and found nothing).

    Thanks everyone.




    Hi there,
    If you are looking to hire a designer then you need to post at http://wordpress.org
    Here at wordpress.com no business negotiations can be conducted through use of the forum.

    Also note that there are two options on wordpress.com blogs which are hosted by wordpress
    (1) use a theme found here -> Presentation -> Themes
    (2) purchase a css upgrade and customize a theme yourself

    Neither of the options allow for the underlying code to be edited. If you want extensive changes that do require editing of the template then you would be best served to read this as you may be better served by hiring a webhost and having him download a template that can be edited from wordpress.org https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=3700


    if you’re looking for for-pay services, you should post to this mailing list:
    someone should contact you shortly.



    Exactly Adam, that is the only way to go here.




    Thanks for providing the correct link – noted. :)


    that is the only way to go here.

    actually, there are plenty of places to hire web designers. (coroflot, stylegala, linkedin, etc.). that’s just the wordpress specific list.



    In terms of the rules of this forum, that would be the way to go is what I was meaning. Only a fool would think that is the only way to go…..;)



    there are rules?

    funny, i don’t see any posted anywhere.
    you moderators seem to have agreed to them somewhere, but AFAIK, we volunteers are doing this for shits and giggles, and it’s only my discretion that keeps me pointing at wp-pro instead of coroflot.



    funny, i don’t see any posted anywhere.

    Actually they’ve been published a couple of times but they seem to always get deleted. Rather annoying actually.

    Basically the same as the wp.org rules with the addition of no commenting on spelling and the “speak adsense -> give the volenteers their steak dinner” one.

    Basically boils doen to “be good around here.”



    Like any official or unofficial rules it boils down to common sense usually and for the most part, that never is a problem around here or the published rules wouldn’t constantly be deleted.


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