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Wordpress Theme Idea: Forerunner theme.

  1. I read the FAQ, and it said to put any theme ideas into a post in this forum... So here it is.

    I found that there are many, many generic themes on WP, but not enough specialist ones. I know that starting to add specialist ones would cause somewhat of a million theme requests, but I've found an amazing theme that I'd love to see incorporated. n_n

    That is the link to it... I'd be delighted if it were to feature in the WP themes folder. n_n

    I await your response!

  2. A Halo based theme, that's definitely something I wouldn't have expected to see. I'm a bit confused though, is the theme the one that's on the blog you linked to? Because that doesn't look very 'Halo' to me..

  3. /wave to carocat :)

    Are you referring to a blog? If you have a blog please post the url for it. Staff have a theme recommendations thread going for requests for GPL themes that could be adapted to run on software. Please note that all suggested themes must be GPL licensed and may not contain any sponsored links within them that the designer of the theme states cannot be removed. Here's the link

  4. The other thing I worry about is that the theme is 14.2mb! Some of the most advanced AJAX themes around, with drag-and-drop functionality and everything are only around 400k. My entire self-hosted blog backup - including the SQL and everything - is only 4.1mb.

    First time load on that link is very slow, and I have a 5GB internet connection.

  5. OK, I downloaded it and the theme itself is only 440k. The rest is photoshop and SVG files so you can modify things.

  6. No sign of a license agreement either in the files, or on the website.

  7. @tsp
    Ahhh ... so we reached the same dead end when it comes to licensing information. The download was so HUGE I didn't even consider it. And I'm thinking we might want to wait until the OP posts the url for his or her blog before we invest any more time into this.

  8. Yeah, I was just curious about the size of the download.

  9. P.S. I left this comment which is in moderation at this link

    Please post a link to the licensing information. Is this a GPL theme or not? Are there sponsored links in this theme that the designer states cannot be removed or not?

  10. Good job timethief! I hadn't even thought of that.

  11. @tsp
    I will post whatever answer I get to my Forerunner comment at my email address into this thread when I get it. However, in the future I believe that bloggers we volunteers should be encouraging bloggers suggesting themes to do their own research with regard to GPL licensing and no sponsored links before they suggest a theme to tellyworth in the theme recommendation thread
    What do you think?

  12. Yup from me.

  13. Jeez, thanks guys. I wasn't expecting a reply so quickly.

    I didn't notice that other thread, I'll go there now. Thanks!

  14. Hang in - before you post to the other thread let's wait until we get an answer from the designer. There's no point in posting to the other thread if the theme is not GPL and/or has sponsored links.

  15. Too late >_<

    I'll just have to revise my post in the other thread. :3

    As a heads up, the last blog entry for is the 16th of Dec, so it's not a super-active member/ It could be a while.

    Thanks for all your help again, guys.

  16. I posted after you in the other thread so staff are aware that I have left a comment requesting the licensing information.

    You're welcome from me. :)

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