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    on our blog page: http://blog.atigeo.com/ which has worked fine for months, there is suddenly a large wordpress theme background jpg at the top of the page.

    This has appeared suddenly, with no connection to anything we did as we have done no edits since everything was fine and this happened.

    The blog I need help with is blog.atigeo.com.


    I see no wordpress theme background, I see some sort of orangish fire looking thing.

    Are you talking about the header image?

    If so, go to appearance > header and click the “remove header” button and save.



    Is this still a problem? I’m not seeing what you are seeing, but it does look to me like your menu bar is odd. All the menu items are smashed over to the right side, above the sidebar.

    Since I don’t know what it looked like before you posted, I have no way to judge if this is how it is supposed to be or not.



    Ah, now I get it, it’s the default header for Twenty Ten.



    I’m using Firefox 3.6.17 and what I see is all that tabs that ought to be in the horizontal menu smooshed over to the right hand side. It looks like they all “escaped” from their container, so to speak.


    Similar complaint here:
    Stray image went away when user clicked Remove Header, as thesacredpath suggested.



    Same thing happened on my blog; problem is, it occasionally keeps turning up like a bad penny!



    Thanks much for the responses. I removed it successfully but now there’s white space at the top of the page that wasn’t there before. And it’s unfortunate that why this suddenly happened is a mystery and hearing that other folks find it randomly turning up over and over…


    @atigeo, I’ll look into this, but you need to go to settings > reading and set your site to show about 3 posts per page. Your images are not optimized for the web and are WAY too large (file size). Images inserted into posts should be around 50k, not 450k. It takes way too long for your site to load, and search engines consider page load times when determining search engine ranking now, so your search engine ranking and placement could be adversely affected.


    If you are talking about the space above your logo and the menu items, adjust the top padding in #masthead.

    #masthead {
    padding: 36px 0 0;


    @thesacredpath – thanks. Changed the viewing to 3 and will optimize images. The white space I’m referring to is the top of the blog content container. The space above “older posts”.



    Try adding this via Appearance -> Edit CSS in your blog’s Dashboard:

    #content {padding:10px 15px 20px;}

    If you already have a section for #content, just change the padding bit to what I have above.

    Update: The 10px bit is what controls the vertical padding. I like how it looks with 10px, but you can change that as necessary.



    I just realized why that space was there. We had an image there which is no longer there. I guess my main question when it’s all said and done is “what happened?” Seems from this thread that people experience custom CSS pages randomly resetting or something where header images show up that didn’t used to be there, and according to @justjennifer, happens again and again. The fact that an image we used to have in that space is no longer there is an added issue…

    @macmanx, any idea as to why this occurred in the first place and how we can prevent it from reoccurring?




    In the #content block of your custom CSS, you have the following:


    That image file no longer exists, which appears to be the cause of the whole problem.


    @macmanx, nice find!



    Thanks! :)


    Changed the main image banner on all four pages , however not showing on ‘home’ page, have ‘updated’ home page with banner still not showing, would anybody know why this is happening?


    You need to go to appearance > header and upload that image there. The main page does not “do” featured images as far as I know, so you have to use the standard header uploader feature.


    Thank you very much:-)


    You are welcome.

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