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    Hi There,

    Ocean Mist 2.0 has recently been launched and apparently it allows you to customise the colour scheme. Are they any plans to make it available as a WordPress Theme in a near future and if not how do I change the colour scheme of my current Theme (Ocean Mist). I need to follow our charity style guide prior to launch the blog. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is projectaware.wordpress.com.



    Staff never announces plans. It’s possible but I wouldn’t hold my breath. The theme authors have nothing to do with the .com versions once the themes are accepted here and some popular themes have been upgraded for the self-hosted versions but not here.

    If you have CSS skilss, you can buy the CSS upgrade and change the color scheme.


    Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t have any CSS skills ): I may give it a try if the upgrade is not too expensive.



    It’s $15 and you can practice without the upgrade but not save the changes. Here’s more about the upgrade, but be aware there is no official support for it here, just a few volunteers who might or might not be around if you need help. There are some excellent online tutorials.


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