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    Do themes on wordpress.org cost?



    You should be asking over at WordPress.ORG

    but – some themes for use on WordPress.ORG are free and some cost – be careful of “free” themes and make sure they come from a reputable source – some are loaded with malware and will destroy your site


    knight39, it costs to setup hosting if you’re going to use WordPress.org. Here on WordPress.com, there are optional paid upgrades instead of hosting fees.

    This page might be helpful:

    If you have any other questions after reading that over, let us know here. I’m interested in what type of site you’re looking to set up and how you will make your decision about where to set it up. :) Would love to hear details if you’d like to post a bit more about what you’re looking to do.



    Hi Designsimply,
    I have a look at various sites both on wordpress.com & wordpress.org
    I particularly like a site on wordpress.com and already paid for hosting ( which is through crazydomains, when I resisted my domain name.
    My question is,
    1) can I upgrade from wordpress.com to wordpress.org in the future.
    2) with a wordpress.com theme, can that be linked to my hosting (crazydomains)
    Thanks in advance



    Following las msg.
    I have also downloaded a theme from wordpress.org, however I am wondering on what systems requirements I need on my computer to access this theme and begin developing.
    Ideally I would like to go with the theme on wordpress.org, can crazydomains accept this, as I have already a 2yr paid subscription with them.
    Thanks again Designsimply



    Hey there,

    Apologies for the late reply here!

    First of all, yes, you would be able to upgrade from WordPress.com to WordPress.org – you can check the detailed instructions here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/moving-a-blog/#moving-to-wordpress-org

    However, you wouldn’t be able to link WordPress.com to your crazydomains hosting – WordPress.com gives you the full package of managed WordPress hosting, themes and upgrades.

    If you wish to use a theme with the self-hosted WordPress version (WordPress.org), you will have to install WordPress on your hosted account and then install the theme there. Crazydomains definitely accept that, I recommend getting in touch with them regarding the WordPress install and the next steps.

    For further self-hosted WordPress support, please visit https://wordpress.org/support/

    Wishing you a wonderful day.

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