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    I just noticed this on my dashboard. Is it a new little featurette? That shows announcments maybe?

    Anyone else see this?



    No, where, exactly are you seeing it?


    Yeah… I just saw it then!!!



    Yes, just cluttering things up on my dashboard.



    You’re special. I don’t get tips.

    Seriously, WHERE on the dashboard is it?


    Up the top just under the dashboard – blog stats – blog surfer etc.

    But the tip is…

    WordPress tip: Be the master of your own domain – make this blog your-personalized-blog.com for just $15 per year.

    Raincoaster do you have your own domain… if you do then that may be the reason you don’t get this tip?

    who knows



    Ah, yes I do. But I thought disembedded did as well.



    Thanks, by the way. I think the only upgrade they could sell me is the space upgrade, and I certainly don’t need that. I couldn’t even use it if I had it.



    Ah my bad, I had to go AFK for a bit….Did refresh a few times now and it seems to be showing the same tip. I was thinking it was going to show something random each time… Hmmm?



    Yes, maybe they’ll add in the other upgrades one by one.


    I just came into the Forums to see about this. I don’t normally post in here but tonight I will. I started a post on my blog (outofthegarden.wordpress.com) at about 9:30 pm Eastern and finally got through publishing at around 2 am!! And when I tried to go back and edit — well — nevermind. Saving and continuing is now a 2-3-4-5 minute process each time, and I *still* can’t upload photos properly.

    Yes, I have tried all the fixits and uploads and updates and everything else suggested save downloading a brand new browser. I am an old IE hand (that doesn’t mean I run IE 4.0 — it’s 7.0.5730.11 to be exact). I don’t know thing one about firefox etc. and I don’t want a new browser. I am OCD about clearing my cache. I don’t have issues on any other sites. I am so disappointed and sad.

    I didn’t speak up when the ‘new and improved’ dashboard appeared. I used to love blogging — I did it for relaxation (read: hobby) — without any goal of profit or increasing my traffic etc. The old dashboard was so clear and efficient. I would have recommended wordpress to anyone. Now it’s a tremendous chore to post. When it takes 2-3-4-5 times longer the ‘new and improved way’ to post a simple, photoless entry — it becomes frustrating. I used to post several times a week. Now I’m lucky to get one entry finished *in* one week. I simply don’t have hours and hours to wait for the flashy new system to save my edits etc. I have lost my enthusiasm, my heart, because I miss all the great things blogging used to be — a quick and easy way for non-techies such as myself to interact online. Prodigy’s bulletin boards (remember those, circa 1995!) were more efficient than this new system.

    I can’t upload photos except on rare occasions — using either the new uploader *or* the old browser style. Since I don’t go around changing my software on a daily basis, I don’t think it’s my software that is the underlying issue with these photo uploads — after all — it *does* work occasionally.

    And tonight, after my marathon posting session — here’s what I see on my ‘new and improved’ dashboard — “WordPress tip: Be the master of your own domain – make this blog your-personalized-blog.com for just $15 per year”!

    That, and the “might be an update” post on the news regarding links placed to ‘relevant posts’ from strange blogs — presumably to increase traffic. Well, that’s great but I’m thankful I can opt out of that — I don’t need traffic from strange blogs. What I would like is to opt back in to the old dashboard — the one that made me love wordpress and my blog. I hate google, but Blogger is looking better and better.

    Moan groan complain — I know it’s a free site, but that “tip” about buying my own domain from wordpress was the straw that broke this camel’s back and I had to say something. Please forgive my grammatical errors. I am totally exhausted after 4+ hours posting one entry (sans photos). I’m too discouraged to even scroll back through this and see whether I made any sense — I’ll just hope for the best. I appreciate the place to vent.



    If you want to have a direct impact, post it on your blog and categorize it “WordPress.com” and/or send it in to Support tomorrow when they reopen.



    If you copy/paste it should only take a couple of minutes, and I speak as one who ROUTINELY takes up to seven hours to make a single blog post.


    If I copy/paste what, Raincoaster? My blog posts? I routinely write most of my posts as they occur to me — spontaneously — that’s the nature of my blog. I write about cooking and food and the subject matter often veers into other areas before I realise it. I never had a problem in the past and I usually expected a post to take a couple of hours simply because of that writing and rewriting on the fly, and uploading/arranging of photos etc.

    Again, no problem when the time consumption was my *choice* and part of the creative process, such as it may be. But when it takes 3-4-5 hours due to the technology — when it takes forever to save and continue, and hours are wasted trying over and over to upload simple images (and yes I have followed all that advice as well resizing etc — these are the same old jpgs I used to upload with no trouble whatsoever) — that’s when it becomes too much. I appreciate your trying to help :)



    @rc- categorizing a post as “wordpress.com” gets a callback by staff? Good to know. Thanks!



    Tips have been around for some time to increase awareness of WordPress.com’s “little known” features in as unobtrusive a way as possible (we don’t want reading to get in the way of our bloggers’ writing ;) ).

    Prior to today, we have had tips for avatars, your blog’s about page, setting your blog’s language, and probably a few random, transient things I don’t remember.

    You may never have seen these tips because they are only ever shown to people who don’t have an avatar, don’t have any text in their blog’s about page, or don’t have their language set, respectively. Most people have all these things done, so most people don’t see the tips (or don’t remember seeing them back when they first set up their blog).

    In the future, we may use WordPress Tips to make small (short-lived) announcements about new features just like we did today with an old feature:

    Today we added a “domain mapping” tip because we have encountered a (to us) surprising number of people who were unaware domain mapping was possible on WordPress.com. You won’t see this tip if any of your blogs have domain mapping already.

    Because this feature is a for pay add on, though, and because we in no way ever want to oversell to our great bloggers (you!), this tip automatically goes away after the first few times you’ve seen it.

    If you really want to make it go away faster, just click the link inside the tip. It’ll take you to the domain mapping page whence you may add a domain or ignore the whole thing and go back to your dashboard and get on with what’s important: your blogging.



    No, tagging a post “WordPress.com” doesn’t get a callback from staff: sending in a Support is the best way. But it can bring things to the attention of the community that’s interested in WP.com as an entity and that includes staff.

    But mdawaffe IS staff, so mission accomplished there.


    I speak as one who ROUTINELY takes up to seven hours to make a single blog post.

    hahaha.. I am sooo glad that I am not the only one :)



    No, you’re not. The problem is, I’m supposed to make three posts a day on blogs I get paid for, which doesn’t leave me much time for WordPress.com lately. But some day the laptop fairy will come, right? If we keep the faith?

    I only had ten crashes today. So it’s getting better.


    That’s where I was talking that they should put important announcements like the Possibly related thingie! I got the tip today too, why can’t they do that with an announcement to spare the nerves of all of those in the forums as well as the frustrations over all the uncertainties in general?

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