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WordPress to Launch Social Network Site

  1. Yes, it's true. Have people read about this? Here it is:

  2. Yes, I've heard of Buddypress. Sorry, Matt: "BuddyPress."

    Is that "Vancouver Andy" in the article?

    Interesting idea. The next step in social networks is giving control back to the users, and they're obviously all over this. Also, I did security blogging for awhile and I'd MUCH rather the Automattic bunch had access to that information than the Facebook bunch; it's a matter of policy and principle. Facebook will fuck you over without so much as a DMCA or subpoena. I know Automattic won't.

  3. Yeeeee-hah!

  4. And it IS Vancouver Andy. I've met him; nice guy.

  5. So is becoming a social network or
    is this going to be independent from

  6. It is going to be additional. It's an Automattic project, and Automattic is the parent company of several different things.

  7. ok so it will be separate thank you Rain I found a link were you can test
    buddypress with out running your own server...

    Where can I test BuddyPress if I don’t want to run my own installation?
    Link »

    Search results provide by the new visual search engine
    called SearchMe:

  8. Also you can follow BuddyPress, on Twitter,

    Link » BuddyPressDev

  9. Oh man, i cant wait to see what happens in club penguin-land
    when this comes out.

  10. Oh.

    I hadn't thought of that.

  11. Oh man I don't even want to think about that nightmare

  12. erm..surely club penguin IS a social network? Hopefully, they'll stay in their cages.
    (not that the kids could pronounce it, though)

  13. Sumbuddy can has a trip to the antartic for free?

  14. Yeah... a social network site with many pretty faces as good friends... there in the north, and Scope has to buy a magic carpet to fly north to date or party. LOL!

    Feel like crying liaoz! :)

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