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  1. I've wordpress on a server and I want to switch over to Can I create a backup of all my entries and load it into my account? If possible, how do I do it?

  2. It is done through the internal backup functions. If you have wordpress 2.1.x, it has this functionality built right in. You go on your self-hosted blog to Admin => Manage => Export and create the wordpress backup file. That backs up only your posts, authors, categories, pages and all your posts. None of your 'images' or uploads will come across.

    Then you go to your newly created account and to Admin => Manage => Import and the wordpress import function. Choose the file that you exported from your self hosted version and import! Simple as that!

    If you don't have wordpress 2.1.x, then either upgrade or use the following plugin on your WordPress 2.0.x install to get the correct export format.

    To upload your content from your uploads of your self-hosted blog, you need to download them to your computer and then upload them using the 'create post' in your account and the upload function at the bottom of the page.

    If you have a domain self-hosted, you can change the name servers over to wordpress (search the FAQ for the exact instructions) and then you can pay $10 a year to have that domain on your account.

    Hope that helps.


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