WordPress – too much frustrations

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    I just will give an advide to bloggers
    so that they use any editor to write.

    Don’t use only WordPress tool, cause it will frustrate you.
    Unless you want to retype one hudred times the same text.

    Please wordpress, do something not to let us loose our text when you are technically undercapable, of the services you offer.

    That’s too much lack of attention, and frustrates us blogger.
    Sometimes I say to myself: I will migrate this blog, cause wordpress is not regarding us bloggers.
    The tool only frustates me….

    The blog I need help with is reporterdasarabias.wordpress.com.



    I will be fair.
    I didn’t loose so much text as I thought.

    At this time the unaccessible tool saved my text as a draft
    I only rewrited one line.

    Please work on this.
    Not everytime a use another editor, and mostly i trusted the tool.



    The safest way to post to your blog here or anywhere else id to use an offline blog editor like windows live writer which is free and for PCs. Or if you have a Mac then Ecto is modestly priced at $20.

    WordPress.com has an autosave function that happens every 2 minutes. As long as your “save” your draft post or page then it can be recovered from post or page revisions.

    This may help > http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2010/03/21/wordpress-recovering-a-lost-blog-post-or-page/

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