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    I really enjoy WordPress, since I moved to this service from Blogger.
    But the problem now is that WP secure pages (https://…) is extremely slow in the last weeks. So, I having a lot of dificult to update my blog because sometimes WP takes 15 minutes, even more or simply doesn´t open the write page, the dashboard and so on.
    It´s just me or is there a real problem with WP?
    Thank you.



    It was a problem for a few days, but for most people it seems to have been fixed. I’d drop a Feedback about it if I were you, including what kind of browser and operating system you’re running, and what kind of connection, firewall, etc.



    It’s been significantly slow over here as well. It’s extremely annoying to wait for a post to upload, wait for images to upload, go to a different page on the dashboard, or pretty much do anything. Hopefully they do something about this…it’s quite embarassing.



    I’m glad it isn’t just me noticing this. I’m on dial-up using Firefox 1.5 or 2 or Flock.

    There is a noticeable difference between the blog at wordpress.com and the blog at uniblogs.org with the wordpress.com being much, much slower.

    I’ll also post to feedback.


    well i use broadband and last week or when ever it was wordpress.com was going really slow, but i think they have fixed it now as it seems to be normal again



    Working fine for me.



    It’s working fine on my side. I guess during the weekends it gets a little slower.



    Either staff is playing WoW again, Podz had to take a break from running in that hampster wheel he’s got or it’s the SixApart gremlins yet again. Take your pick. :)

    I did notice some slow down after I posted that. Things happen. I have 44 boxes of my own. I can get a slow response from one and a quick responce from another at the same time and they sit about 3 inches apart and they share the same network for the most part.



    Maybe your staff really is playing too much WoW. These last few weeks have been agonizing waiting for admin pages to load. I’ve been posting a lot less because I just don’t want to deal with it. Hope it’s something you guys are working to fix.



    Seriously, you only need to bump one thread if you’re going to say the same thing in both.

    I’ve noticed some glitches and failures recently, but no slowdowns on WordPress, although at several of the other sites I visit. I wonder if something is up with the Internet itself and there’s a slowdown on the route between your computer and WordPress. My connection isn’t blazing fast, but there has been no slowdown for me in the past week, and I post 5-10 times a day, so I’d notice.



    Not my staff. I’m just a slave… I mean volenteer. :)

    Please also note the smilely face on both of my posts.

    I would suggest sending in a feedback mentioning this. A quick look at your IP address and doing a traceroute to it shows a couple of issues with long timeout periods up in the 1200ms range and that you sit behind a proxy server. There may also be an issue with that.

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