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Wordpress url for tag and category pages

  1. esapcoccamacho

    Hi, I'm use to and can't seem to find the answers to my questions.

    With, if I want to have an author's page or page featuring all categories or all tags, I can do this by creating a template.

    For, I could create a page called 'Archives' and use short codes. How do you do this for tags, authors, categories?
    Without access to the template pages, can this be done?

    So, I want to be able to go to
    and see all tags
    ditto for authors and categories

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Will you please provide an active link starting with http:// to the free hosted blog in question?

    We cannot edit templates and themes on free hosted blogs and we cannot change permalink structure. The only shortcodes we can use are found here >

    The format for Categories URLs is:

    The format for Tags URLs is:

  3. esapcoccamacho

    Hi, thanks for your tips. The blog is currently set to private viewing as I work on the template. I understand this:

    So there is no way to do this:

    Have that page show all tags?

    That's odd, because there is a short code for showing the archive. Why not shortcode for tags, categories and authors?


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